Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day 12 - USA or Bust

March 31 2016. We arrived in Hong Kong late last night. Our train ride was supposed to be a quick two hour ride, so every time it slowed down in Hong Kong we would think we were there but then the train would pick up speed again and we'd keep going until three or four hours later we were all the way through Hong Kong, out by the water and the airport. I wish I would have taken pictures coming through Hong Kong, it looks like an amazing place, such a giant city. Someday we'll have to come spend some time here and check it out. But for now we're all anxious to get home! Our flight leaves this morning, in 24 hours we'll be back in the same day again only this time in SLC. Can't wait for Cooper to meet the rest of his family!

Good bye Asia! It's been fabulous!

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