Monday, March 28, 2016

Day 9 - Safari Zoo

Monday March 28 2016.  We spent the day at the Safari Zoo in Guangzhou. What an incredible and ginormous zoo! Its awesome and a little scary due to the lack of fences between you and the wild animals. Cooper liked looking at the animals as long as we weren't too close. He was a little scared to feed the giraffes but was happy to watch everything from the comfort of his stroller.

We feet like we've been in China long enough to do like the Chinese so we purchased our first selfie stick.
 Then we were able to get some really great pictures like this ;)

 This one is for Bryn, we know you love fake snakes!
 Brady posted the video of Cooper feeding these giraffes on his FB. It's was pretty hilarious.
 Awh!! So sweet!
 This elephant was having a great time spraying everyone.

We all loved watching the pandas. Such fascinating animals!

It was a great day with our cute chubby panda!

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