Sunday, March 27, 2016

Day 8 - Happy Easter

March 27 Happy Easter! No Easter bunny or eggs to find today but it was still joyful to celebrate the resurrection of the one who makes redemption possible! We didn’t much on the schedule today which made us a little homesick. We are really really really badly missing our children at home but at least we’re getting some good bonding time with Cooper. And at least we have Facetime so we can still talk to them and see their sweet faces. Thank goodness for modern technology! We did have a really quick translation/schedule/document appointment this morning with Connie. While I was going over the paperwork Brady was trying to keep Cooper in the meeting room. Finally Cooper had just had enough and had the saddest most adorable melt down ever. His little face crumpled up and he stood there for a few seconds holding still with a heartbreaking look on his face. A few tears started to fall and I could hardly stand it. He’s been such a brave good boy! I wanted to run right over and comfort him but Brady was too quick and scooped him up first. Luckily he was quickly comforted in arms of his father, it was sweet. After we had everything in order and prepared for our consulate appointment we decided to take a walk to a nearby park. We took a few wrong turns in the underpass but eventually found it. By the time we made it through the entry Cooper was tired of walking. Like Nash he is a master at diversion when it comes to trying to get somewhere by foot. Suddenly he had to use the bathroom, like five times right in a row and when we didn’t take him he pulled down his pants right in the middle of the side walk acting like he had to pee but of course he never did. When he could see that excuse wasn’t going to work anymore he just flat out gave up and sat down, not caring if we were going to keep going. Finally we convinced him to continue walking by holding hands with both of us so we could swing him. We could see more tears on the horizon so we decided it would be best to turn around and go back to the hotel for lunch and naps. We all napped and woke up feeling refreshed. In the evening we had Easter dinner with some new friends who are also here adopting. It has been so enjoyable getting to be here in Guangzhou with so many other families who are adopting. It reminds me of when Nash was born and we started meeting people in the Down syndrome community and felt an immediate bond to them. It is the same feeling within the adoption community. I’m so thankful for this beautiful Easter day, for our beautiful new son, for friends and family and for our Savior Jesus Christ who makes happiness possible.

Cooper isn't a big fan of toast. He prefers steamed bread.

That's it Dad! No more walking for me!
I can't believe these people make me walk so far!

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