Friday, March 18, 2016

One Step Closer to China

We’re finally off and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s strange how similar child birth and adoption are. There is just no easy way to add to your family. It’s always a miracle! None of our children’s births ever went like we planned. Growing a family is always a good faith building exercise.
This morning Brady received a text saying that our flight from SLC to Seattle had been delayed just long enough that we wouldn’t be able to make our connecting flight to Beijing. He called Delta to see what options we had. They said we could wait and fly out on the 20th.  Not happening. We are in what I would call “the labor” phase of this adoption. And everyone knows that during labor you don’t mess around. You just do what has to be done and you do it quickly. Brady explained the situation and just about went through the phone when the guy at the other end wasn’t going to do anything to help him. I just smiled when I heard him say, “You don’t understand! We’ve been working on this for a year. We have to catch our flight to Beijing today!” After being transferred and explaining the situation again and after exerting a little more pleading, patience, persistence and money, he was able to get us on an earlier flight. Good bye last minute plans to be completely and calmly ready, hello race to the airport. Like I said, it’s the labor phase, always exciting! We are blessed to have such a great team of people helping us! Now that we’ve made it onto our first flight we can take a deep breath and try to enjoy the experience. That brings me to my next train of thought…

Love. Isn’t love cool? It’s the only thing that I can think of that grows and gets bigger and stronger the more you give it away. I wish I understood better what love is and how it works but I do know that it is directly interconnected to God. For the past few weeks Nash has been randomly singing one of his favorite primary songs, “I Am A Child of God”. He has his own version and it goes like this, “I am a child of God and so are my parents, kind and dear.” It has moved me to tears more than once hearing his angelic voice sing these truths because he is right and I know he his. I have always believed that God is the creator of us all and that He loves all of his children but though this adoption process I have come to recognize that truth in my heart more strongly than ever. I know that God does love His children and He has a plan for every one of us on this earth. There will always be trial, heartache, and adversity to overcome but I honestly believe that without that we wouldn’t be able to experience true joy and happiness. I can’t wait to give Cooper a little more love. Not just from myself, but from God because we are his hands on this earth, and from all of the family and friends rooting for him back home.

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