Monday, August 1, 2016

4 Months Home

It's been a whirlwind 4 months since Cooper has been home. The months leading up to his adoption went so slowly and now time is just flying! Cooper has been having a wonderful adjustment into our family and his new life. He is such a sweet, loving, full of life and curiosity, happy, fun boy. He has loved his siblings and they have loved him unconditionally without skipping a beat. It amazes me how things have just fallen into place. It seems like he's always been here. Really even though he wasn't physically present, I think he has always been here, in our hearts.
 So exhausted he slept until noon on his first day home!

 Checking out the roller coaster

 Brady couldn't wait to have him try the bow

 Meeting the bunny

 Hot dogs are a Cooper favorite

 He loves going for walks
 Having family visit

 Helping sis with chores

 Going to the movies

 Coop loves church and helps lead the music in sharing time every week

 He also loves his hand-me-down cowboy boots even though they are too big

 Still has a few Chinese habits we need to kick, like this and burping.

 He adores music

 These two!

 These three!

These four!!

 Loves his Dad!

 Loves being outside

 Loves his sis!
 Is already looking forward to starting preschool this fall

 Such an entertainer!

 Loves Uncle Ry!

Nash will do almost anything for his little brother

 Coop and Cohen

 Trouble makers!

 Four wheelin' fun!

 Cleaning up messes isn't as fun as making them!

Haircut time

Coop was quite happy to learn that families can be together forever!

Everyone who has joined the Murray family in the last 12 months

 Loves his Aunt Jo!

 Not so sure about swimming

 Still loves the boots!

 Has a great sense of fashion

 Bathing with brothers is never boring

 No mom, we weren't in your lipstick! Why do you ask?!

 Vacationing with friends

Fishing, of course

 Yellowstone National Park

 Loving all the attention!

Getting good at this family picture business

 Waiting for Old Faithful

 Homework time!

Who needs clothes when its hot outside?

Loves watermelon

 More family visits

 Family vacation to NYC

 Chillin' in Time Square

 Yankees Game

 Riding the subway

 Freedom tower

 Found that he does love swimming in the kiddy pool

 Statue of Liberty

Nova Scotia

So great to be a brother and have brothers!

 Making friends

Warming up to swimming

 Celebrating the 4th of July

Cooper has jumped on the band wagon, his favorite parent is Brady

It wasn't us

 Mrs. Cutler

 Red Butte Gardens with Aunt Cynde

Decker teaching Coop how to get a drink in the barn.
Cooper wouldn't have anything to do with the horses.

Collecting candy at the parade at G&G Murray's in Preston

Watching the rides at the carnival, next year he might want to ride.

 Grandma's Book Nook

 Water balloon fight
 PiƱata time

 Can't get enough of cute Emmy

Camping out in the backyard is so fun except when your parents forget to turn off the sprinklers! 

He's lost 4 lbs since he's been home but not because he doesn't eat. He actually has a great appetite and has adjusted well to the food. He'll eat almost anything, except cereal with milk.
He is much a more active than he was at first.
He has more endurance and doesn't sweat as profusely as he used to.

Communication has been great.
We feel like he was blessed to be able to understand English very quickly.
In the beginning he would used a lot of Chinese words.
In fact Mason and Ridge now ask for a drink in Chinese,
but Cooper rarely says Chinese words anymore.
His expressive personality and body language have made it easy
to understand what he wants and needs.
He tries to say things in English and it is getting easier to understand some things.

I think it safe to say Cooper is having the summer of his life!
So are the rest of us! We are so glad he is here!