Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day 7 - Medial Exam Day

March 26. This morning we met up with a new friend who is adopting the sweetest little 11 year old girl from Hepburn, using the same agency we are. They are great! Our new guide, Connie came and picked all of us up at the hotel and we went to the consulate medical center for the children’s medical exams and shots. It was packed with people when we got there. Connie said that the center opens every Saturday morning for children being adopted so everyone comes at one time. We meet so many amazing, kind, friendly families while we were waiting between stations it was great. I could have stayed there all day watching these families with their children and hearing all of their adoption stories. Cooper did wonderful and was so cooperative at every station. He didn’t even cry when he got his TB shot. It was so inspiring to see all of the good going on. One family that I particularly loved meeting was a mom and a dad who were here adopting two beautiful little children. They had two of their older children, one of whom was adopted from China 12 years ago with them. It was so sweet to see the relationship between all of them. I loved seeing how caring, responsive, respectful and vibrant their teenagers were and how excited they were about their two new little siblings. After watching CNN this morning and hearing all of the bad news about our presidential campaign this experience was so good and uplifting. After returning to the hotel I took Cooper out to the little playground and taught him how to swing. Once he got the hang of hanging on and sitting in the swing he loved it. He catches onto things so quickly it amazes me. He has the best little squeaky laugh that goes perfectly with his darling dimple. He is quick to make friends with his bossy bubbly personality. When we went back to our hotel room he found a pen and spent the rest of the evening drawing on every square inch of paper he could find. He also “blows his nose” as often as he can. Not because he has a cold, just because he has a thing for paper. Any kind of paper.

More pictures for his file.

The crowd waiting for their medical appointments

We hope he is always this cooperative!

Selfies make waiting more fun!

He weighed in at 36 lbs! He's a solid kid!

Back at the hotel garden

The view out our hotel window in Guangzhou.

More coloring

Cooper loves the flag the orphanage director gave him.

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