Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 5 - Tianjin Eye

March 24. Cooper woke up this morning with a lot of energy. His file had told us that he was “an active boy.” That was spot on. It also said that he didn’t talk. That was dead wrong. He never stops talking! Of course Brady and I don’t understand any of the words he’s saying but he has great hand gestures and facial expression so it’s not hard to figure out what he wants. Vivian can understand many of the words he says and I swear he understands everything we say. He’s getting comfortable in this little hotel routine we have. He likes to go to breakfast and have steamed bread and spring rolls. He is overly independent just like Nash. He wants to do everything himself and he doesn’t want mom to wipe his face ever. I took him to the bathroom down the hall from the dining room once and now every time we go in there he thinks we need to hit the bathroom to just for fun. Brady has been teaching him how to run the elevator buttons so he likes to do that also. Every time a phone is pulled out he smiles and poses. Sometimes he smiles so big his whole face scrunches together and his eyes close. It’s hilarious. He has a super strong will and is already testing us to see what he can get away with. He loves having our full attention. Hopefully he’ll love the attention of his siblings too when we get home. He’s woke up smiling every morning so far and hasn’t even cried one time yet. It’s easy to love this squishy little boy.

After breakfast we met up with Vivian to go do some more sightseeing. The highlights were riding the Tianjin Eye and hanging out at the river. The Tianjin Eye is a giant farris wheel that is built right in the middle of two streets that span the Haihe river. It’s the biggest farris wheel I’ve ever seen and takes about 30 minutes to make one rotation. Today was a very clear day so we had great view of the city from the top. Buildings 360 degrees as far as the eye can see. Cooper was pretty nervous about it and didn’t want to move from my lap. By the end of the ride he was sleeping.

After the ride we had fun walking down the river and learning about all the happenings at the river. We watched some guys with nets pulling turtles and fish from the river. We thought it was pretty amazing but Vivian told us not to be too impressed. A little further down the river and we found the spot where they were selling the animals to people to release in the river as part of their Buddhist beliefs. The animals can’t survive for long in the salty water so they fish them back out and take them up the river and sell them again. One guy at the selling station really liked Cooper and let him play with a turtle and catch some fish. He loved it. People have been very kind to us.

Cooper just unpacked every single thing that was left in the suitcases so I better quite writing and go play with him. =)   

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