Sunday, July 31, 2016

We Made It!

Four months ago today on March 31st 2016 Cooper became a citizen of the United States and met his new siblings. What a great day! My talented friend Amy Kroff came to the airport and captured these fantastic pictures for us. I love to look at them and remember this sweet day. It wasn't really that long ago, but everyone has been growing and changing so quickly it seems like forever ago.


(Sneak peak of us getting off the plane.)
After traveling for 24 hours straight Cooper was in a pretty deep sleep when we got off the airplane and woke him up in SLC.

 And finally we made it!

 It was so exciting to see everyone again! Two weeks can seem like an eternity.
Nash was beyond excited and kept yelling "My Cooper!!" over and over.

 Cooper seemed pretty excited to see them too!

 I love all these pictures and don't even have words to describe all the emotions.

 Cutest little Chinese American

 These are a couple of my favorites.
Bryn never forgot to pray for Cooper the entire 11 months we were waiting for him.


 High fives

 And lots of hugs!

It was the best loading everyone in the same car to head for home and our first night together!
 Some friends made us a darling sign with balloons and everything! A spring storm rolled though right before we got home and ripped it a little but Cooper didn't mind at all, he loved it!!

Together at last! It feels so good!!

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