Sunday, January 1, 2012

Prayers For Megan

This morning I found myself on our blog and started to follow a few links that led me to nothing less than what I consider a tender mercy from a loving God.  Because of wonderful people using their unique talents and abilities we have seen Megan's adoption account increase dramatically in the recent past.  Once again, someone heard the story, received a specific prompting on what they could do and they ACTED!

This brings me to my experience this morning.  I found 2 blogs in particular that are dedicated to Megan and are currently raising funds and awareness for her adoption.  The first was started by an individual who signed up in November 2011 on Reece's Rainbow to be Megan's Prayer Warrior (someone who focuses on being an advocate for a specific child).  I could feel her genuine desire to help Megan as she used her unique talents and abilities to do all she could to raise funds for Megan.  I believe that it was her prayers on Megan's behalf that played a major part in leading Andrea and I to choose Megan less than 1 month after she started her BLOG

The other blog I found today was created by a 20 year old girl in England.  She has been advocating on behalf of Megan for over a year now!  Upon reading her BLOG, I could also feel her sincere desire to help Megan find her forever family!

It is humbling to know that there are individuals from around the world who are doing all in their power to help Megan.  I urge each of you who read this to act on the promptings you have received on how you can help these special children find a forever family.  I feel we are close to finding Megan's family.  Maybe it would be more appropriate to say that Megan's family is close to finding out that they are going to be Megan's forever family! 

Thank you all once again for the prayers, the donations, and everything else you have done on behalf of Megan! 

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Katrina said...

Hi Brady,

It is great to find the blog of the person who is working so hard to get Megan's fund up to help her get adopted. You had left a comment on my blog and I was hoping you might contact me at my email address. I tried finding one for you and was not able to. My address is


Carlene's soon to be momma :)