Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thank You ABC News!

A few evenings ago my Mom called me and told me to turn on the TV to ABC News because they were going to do a piece on the Cox family and Reece's Rainbow.  We were first introduced to the Cox's family story which in turn introduced us to Reece's Rainbow in November of this year. 

After watching this story, it created an even greater sense of urgency in me to go to work for these children.  Being able to see footage of an actual institution where these children live was very hard to watch, but it's helpful to better understand the realities of day to day living for them. 

Another aspect that has stood out is the need for more education about Down Syndrome.  It wasn't long ago that the United States wasn't any different than these countries overseas.  When someone was born with a mental disability they were typically institutionalized.  It was not until a relatively short time ago that our society began to accept and understand the capabilities and potential of these wonderful children.  Just as we were educated as to their potential, it is time for others to follow.  Finding homes for orphans is an excellent solution to an existing problem.  The only issue with this is it does not solve the issue for the thousands of unborn children who will enter this world under these circumstances in the future.  In an ideal situation, their families would know their potential and they would love them as they love their other children. 

Watch the story here:
Down Syndrome Daily: ABC World News with Diane Sawyer reports on Reece'...:

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