Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We are so excited! After all the planning and organizing it feels like the ball is finally starting to roll! There is so much work to be done for these little orphans. They are constantly in our thoughts.

This past weekend we had the fantastic experience of meeting with most of our extended family and were able to share our passion for Reece's Rainbow with them. We told about some of the events that lead us to Reece's Rainbow, why we are doing what we are, the projects we have planned, and asked them all to help by being advocates for these orphans. Whether it be through donations, fund raising or simply (and most importantly) spreading the word in whatever ways they can.

Just in the past two weeks as we have began sharing our project and Reece's Rainbow with people our hearts have been touched by the response. There are endless ways to help. One family ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a week so they could donate what was usually spent on groceries. A friend that cuts hair donated the cost of a haircut. Another frind who runs a car auction donated the proceeds of one of his cars to Reece's Rainbow. Many of our friends and famiy are posting links and buttons on their blogs and facebook.

We know that by small and simple things great things, even miracles, are brought to pass. We can't wait to see what happens as we all work together to help these sweet children find families!


Annie said...

Hey Brady & Andrea! Just saw this on facebook and wandered over here. So glad I did! I'm way excited to help get the word around. Mike and I would love to help in any other way we can too. P.S. we miss you guys!

Gretchen said...

We're adopting from RR. We live in Mountain Home. I'd love to chat via email if you have the opportunity. You guys are doing an awesome thing.