Monday, December 26, 2011

One Step Closer...

I feel such an overwhelming sense of gratitude tonight.  The month of December has been a great month and it's because of the many selfless acts I've been fortunate to witness.  I want to share a few of these with you.

A short time ago, I was getting my haircut.  Kayla has been cutting my hair since I moved to Boise in 2008.  We got talking and I started telling her about Reece's Rainbow and some of the things Andrea and I have learned.  When it came time to pay, Kayla told me to take the money from my haircut and donate it towards Megan and Eli. 

Our family had the opportunity to share the Reece's Rainbow story at 4 different family functions the weekend before Christmas.  The response we received was amazing!  There were a lot of questions being asked and each person we talked to was already thinking of ways in which they could help. Some even acted on their ideas right then and there!

On Sunday, I was talking to a friend about Christmas and how their morning went. He told me he wanted to share something about Brendan, his 14 year old son.  Each of his children were given some Christmas money as part of their gifts.  Brendan and his Dad have been keeping track of Megan and Eli's total donations each day.  Brendan asked if he could donate his Christmas money to them!

One story that has really stood out came from a friend who owns an auto auction.  His auction donated a car to auction off for Megan.  They decorated the car in Christmas decor and allowed the dealers to bid on it.  After one dealer purchased it, he donated it back to the auction and they auctioned it off again.  This happened 8 times!  A total of $13,000 was raised and donated towards Megan's adoption!

Each of these examples are unique but demonstrate a common thread.  Each person heard the story, they were prompted with an idea on how they could help, and most importantly they ACTED on the idea that they were given! 

I know that if we have a desire to serve, we will be given the opportunity to do so!  Each of us have been entrusted with unique talents and abilities that can be used for much good.  Whether big or small, they all add up and they all make a difference!  Thank you my dear friends and family!


Leah said...

I found your blog throught Katrina. I wanted to thank you, I was wondering how all the funds were raised for these 2 kids now I know! I am also an advocate to a 6 yr old in Megans region. I so pray Megan & Celine find families soon!

Rochelle said...

I too found you via Katrina and am in tears at how this money was raised. YAY God! Thanks for advocating for these kids.