Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Chosen Children

After much thought and pondering, we were ready to choose our children to sponsor.  Originally we planned on choosing one.  We couldn't decide if we should choose a girl or a boy, so we chose one of each.


The first time I looked at Reece's Rainbow, Eli stood out to me.  Something about this child spoke to me.  Eli is only 4 months older than Nash.  It is difficult to know that Eli has not had a forever family taking care of him during the first 4 years of his life.  Let's not let another year go by!  I have confidence that we can raise the needed funds to cover Eli's adoption and possibly find his forever family.  Here is Eli's information provided on the website:

Boy, Born March 3, 2007
Eli is so cute! Look at that big smile and those giant blue eyes! Eli was born with Down syndrome and Atrial Septal defect (ASD), a heart condition that has not required surgery. He has suffered through frequent bouts of pneumonia. He says several words, uses gestures, and can follow simple directions. His report states he continues to make progress in all areas of his development. Eli is receiving speech and physical therapy. He walks with assistance.
Eli already has a good start on donations, but he could use much more!
Andrea's heart went out to Megan when we read about her.  Megan has already been sent to an institution.  We feel a huge sense of urgency to help Megan accumulate the funds necessary as soon as possible and have faith that she will be made known to her forever family. 
The thing that stood out to us is that Megan is so healthy!  Many orphans are experiencing health challenges.  Not Megan!  She will be such a wonderful blessing to her forever family!
This is the information that is listed about Megan on the Reece's Rainbow website:
Girl, born December 2005
Eyes: Blue
Hair: light brown
Temperament: Active, assertive, social, smart

I am so hopeful we will get a new and better picture of Megan.  She is too cute!  She has beautiful blonde hair and striking blue eyes.  Megan is HEALTHY, with no heart condition.  She is active, happy, and doing well.   She has already been transferred to the older child facility, so please come forward to save her!

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Bambi said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Oh my goodness, I cried when I saw your comment on my blog! You're the ones who are making miracles for my Meg, I am so grateful for you! I will never be able to thank you enough for what you're doing for my sweet girl!