Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Golden Opportunity!

In an effort to find additional ways to help the orphans on Reece's Rainbow find a home an idea came to mind!  I work with a great company with excellent employees.  Our headquarters is here in Boise, Idaho.  We are very fortunate to have 3 employees, including me, that have children with Down Syndrome!  I love meeting families that have children with Down Syndrome and it's even better getting to work with them every day!

So on to the idea.  As a company, we have set our goals and objectives for 2012.  In setting these goals we felt it important to give back to the community and be of assistance to others within our community.  We tossed around the idea of providing a scholarship or looking at different service projects we could do around the community.  Then it hit me.  Why not find a family who would like to adopt a child with Down Syndrome from Reece's Rainbow, but may not currently have all of the financial means necessary to do so!  I immediately called our company president and presented the idea.  He loved it! 

During the next day, we were able to secure enough to cover at least one-third of an adoption that we'd be able to contribute during 2012.  In addition, we're in the process of working with some other potential resources where the goal will be to take care of two-thirds of the total adoption cost!  This will be a great start to giving one of these children a chance at life!

Now the part where you may be able to help.  We would like to sponsor a family from the Boise, Idaho area if possible.  I feel strongly that there are many family's out there right now who may want to adopt but I don't have any way of knowing how to get a hold of them.  If you are aware of a family that may want to adopt a child with Down Syndrome and that lives in the Boise area, please put them in contact with me.

This was another reminder to me that if we have sincere desires to serve, the ideas will be given to us about how we may be able to do so!  I'll keep everyone posted on our progress towards finding that special family!

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