Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Operation Orphan No More

As I become more involved in the adoption community I continue to learn and experience new things that I can't say I really was prepared for when we started our blog a few months ago.  The one surprise I've really enjoyed is meeting new people who are very passionate about the cause of adoption and the blessing of Down Syndrome.  It's one of these people I'd like to write about tonight.

Katrina heads up the blog Operation Orphan No More.  Katrina's family is currently in the process of adopting Carlene, a beautiful little girl on Reece's Rainbow.  They have quite a remarkable story on how they were led to Carlene and some of the challenges they have faced.  They are getting so close to bringing Carlene home.  I feel very fortunate to have learned of this great family and can't wait to see some pictures of Carlene with her forever family!

This is one of many examples of good people putting their regular lives on hold to act on the call of action to help.  Thank you Katrina for your example and your willingness to go above and beyond to give dear Carlene a chance at life!