Friday, May 4, 2012

This Day

There is less than 24 hours until the cannon goes off to start the 2012 St. George Ironman.  What seemed like would never arrive has arrived and I couldn't be more excited.  I've been in St. George the last 2 days and have been filled with many emotions.  Excitement to finally get to put myself to the test in a Ironman.  Peace of mind knowing that I've done everything in my power to train and prepare for this day.  That ever present uneasiness in my gut not knowing exactly what to expect.  Gratitude to get to race not for myself but for all the precious children with Down syndrome waiting for their family. 

I continue to reflect on the last 6 months since being introduced to Reece's Rainbow.  I can't look at a picture of Eli lately and not get choked up.  I also feel a sense of urgency for Maggie and Megan.  They have the funding in place, we just need their family to find them. 

Today feels like a crossroads.  I don't know what will come in the future for the children, RODS Racing, and the role that my beautiful family and I will play.  What I do know is that I feel a burning desire like I've never felt before to stand up and fight for these kids.  To tell the world their story and save each and every one of them, one child at a time! 

I think of my son Nash and his innocence.  I remember when Andrea held Nash right after he was born, after we found out he had Down syndrome.  The look in her eyes of unwavering commitment and love still brings peace to me knowing that all will workout as it should and that this child is part of a bigger plan.

I think of my sweet little 6 year old princess and what a protector she is for her brothers.  I think of my very active 2 year old son.  The way he looks at me.  I want to make him proud of his Dad.  Of course I think of the love of my life and the 10 years we've been married.  How did I get so lucky to get to spend my life with her! 

So here we go!  In recognition of what's to come tomorrow, enjoy this video about the St. George Ironman.  Let's do this!


summer said...

You are in all our thoughts and prayers here in Jamestown, NY!!!! We admire YOU so MUCH!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!! I am so excited that you are screaming so very loud for the precious treasures waiting desperately for a Forever Family!!!!

Brady said...

Thank you so much Summer! This means so much to me to have the support from all clear across the nation!!!