Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Christmas Car 2013

In 2011 when we first found Reece's Rainbow and started our fundraising efforts a very close friend of mine came up with an idea on how to generate some funding for Orphans with Down syndrome.  He manages an auto auction where auto dealers from the area purchase many of their cars for their lots.  His idea was to pick a car to auction off with all of the proceeds going towards the RODS Orphan.  Last year was a great year.  This year turned out even better!
Check out this year's Christmas Car!  What a beauty!

It's very humbling for me to hear how this process works and the generous individuals that take part in it.  All of the dealers are gathered and the bidding starts in typical fashion.  Each dealer interested in the car participates as the price rises.  Each dealer knows that the proceeds are going to an orphaned child with Down syndrome which brings a special spirit into the room.  Once the car has reached a high point the dealer with the high bid wins the car.  Here's the amazing part.  That dealer once being awarded the car donates it back to the auction for the bidding to start again.  The car is bought, sold, and donated back to be sold again multiple times.  When it was all said and done, this years Christmas car raised $12,000!  This years proceeds will be going to IVAN!
These individuals who have made this possible for Ivan may have no connection to Down syndrome.  It's very possible that they will never meet him or even hear of him in the future.  They did not have to do this and they receive no special recognition for their generosity.  What their selfless act has done though has given a young boy a chance at life.  They also have made it possible for that special family to come forward because the financial burden that international adoption brings has been sufficiently relieved.  Thank you Independent Car Dealers of Treasure Valley for once again giving someone a Christmas Miracle!


Mandy said...

I love it when people think outside the box and keep Fundraising FUN! Great job!

Kelly said...

Wow what amazing people we have in this world! Sometimes it is hard to keep faith in our world with all the bad stuff going on but then another wonderful story appears to remind us there are still good people in our world!

Jen said...

Absolutely love this! Keep up the great work Brady, you and your team are a huge asset to RR.

Stephanie said...

YES!!!! Thank you to the owners of this auction..please pass on the "Thanks" from a Reece's Rainbow family!!!

Becky said...

So, so wonderful! I love the generosity in our community! Thank you to those that bid and donated, from another adopting family!