Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My sweet boy ELI

It is a special time for all of us who have been advocating for Eli. He has officially moved from the "Our Waiting Children" page to the "My Family Found Me" page!!! I spoke to Andrea Roberts on Friday and she shared with me the great news. I also learned more about Eli and his history on Reece's Rainbow.
Eli has been on Reece's Rainbow for 3 years. He lives in Lithuania which actually created some challenges. RR only had one small picture of Eli and had no additional information than the original info provided 3 years ago. Andrea Roberts said that he was basically "in a dark hole" with little hope.

When Eli's account started increasing over the last few months, familys started inquiring about adopting him. What they found is there are very few adoption agencies in the country that can even adopt from Lithuania. Even though there were families looking to adopt Eli, they were all disappointed to find many dead end roads.

Then a family (who I can't wait to learn more about) came forward and wasn't deterred by the dead ends. They kept looking, and looking until finally they found an answer to prayer. They found An Open Door Adoption Agency. This adoption agency is approved in Lithuania! Their application was approved and they are now in the process of adopting Eli!!

We are also so very happy to have another picture of Eli. He looks so grown up!

To be involved in helping dear Eli have a chance at finding a family has been among the most rewarding experiences of Andrea and I's marriage. We started our efforts a few months ago with the intention of helping one orphan find a home. Many have come forward to help and made it possible to do this. I feel strongly that this is just the beginning! There are many good people with many good ideas in the works! Together we shall conquer!


Bambi said...

He is seriously adorable! I'm so happy for him and his family.

Jamie said...

We are the family adopting Eli!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for what you have done for my sweet boy! Words cannot express my gratitude to you!!! I promise to keep you updated!