Friday, February 24, 2012

A Night To Remember

About a month ago I posted to our blog about an IDEA that came to mind. The idea was to find a family who is currently adopting from Reece's Rainbow and come together as a company to work towards helping them with their adoption expense.

After posting on our blog, we had a few inquiries from potential families. It was a difficult decision. It was not something we took lightly and in the end, we knew that we were supposed to help the Bonner family. The Bonner's are adopting Victoria. She is the cutest little girl that is currently in Eastern Europe. Getting to call Wayne and Jeana and explain how we'd like to help them was an awesome experience! They have a remarkable story about how they were introduced to Down syndrome as well as Reece's Rainbow. You can read all about it on their BLOG.


Our plan was to introduce the Bonner's and how we as a company were going to help them at our annual meeting where our entire field force and their spouse would be in attendance. It truly ended up being a night to remember!

We have been very fortunate as a company to have individuals who are driven by helping others. We work in the financial services industry. A big part of any financial plan that we put together for a family is the protection component, in particular life insurance. Our commitment to the Bonners is that for every life insurance policy that is placed during 2012, we will donate to help bring Victoria home. By working together, we will have enough to take care of two thirds of the total adoption cost!

After dinner and the awards ceremony, I introduced Reece's Rainbow and told about Andrea and I's story when Nash was born and we found out he had Down syndrome. It's a subject that is very close to my heart and something I feel passionate about.

Pictured:MARK WILKERSON(President of One America), ME, TYLER PETERSON, JEFF EREKSON(President of Allegis Financial Partners)

Then the Bonner's took some time to share their story about having a child with Down syndrome and how strongly they feel about adopting Victoria. You can read Jeana's remarks HERE.  There was a very special feeling in the room. Our President and CEO, Jeff Erekson shared his thoughts towards this years goal of helping the Bonners and we finished by watching this short video clip.

It feels great to know that as a company, our efforts in 2012 will not just impact the lives of literally thousands of families by way of our planning, but even more importantly, we will help save the life of an orphan by helping her come home to her FOREVER FAMILY.



Michelle said...

I just went ahead and updated myself on the blog. It looks great and things are gettin rolling so well! I am excited for your endeavors and hope to help! I'm going to put the button on the side of my blog.
You guys are such an inspiration and blessing so many lives!

Leah said...

So awesome!