Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Than Winning

Last month in October the children and I were invited to a soccer practice with team Shazam!
This team of 10 and 11 year old girls had been having an incredible undefeated season. Their coach, David Child wanted to teach the girls that they could do a lot more than win games together. He came up with the idea of having these girls put their talents and efforts into working together as a group to raise money for the RODS orphan Lark.
They invited us to come to one of their practices so they could meet Nash and learn a little more about what RODS does to try to help orphans with down syndrome find families. The girls were so excited! They gave us the warmest welcome and made my kids feel like they were famous. Brynlee, Nash and Ridge had so much fun getting to know these sweet girls while running around the soccer field. Nash was heaven with all of their attention!

At the end of practice their coach brought the team together and they told us their goal of raising $1000.00 for Lark during the month of October as a team. That meant each girl had an individual goal of raising at least $100.00. Their coach also encouraged them to create awareness by telling as many people as they possibly could about these orphans while they were fund raising.
I left the field in awe of their kindness and enthusiasm. I knew these girls were a whole lot more than good soccer players and I couldn't wait to see what they would do!
Now fast forward to November when they invited our family to come to their end of the season celebration.
Once again they fed us, made us feel welcome,
and had Nash laughing like a mad man!
Their coach put together a fun video of their season and then he spoke about the effort the girls had put into their fundraising. It was touching to hear some of the stories...One of the girls had gone from door to door almost every day after school collecting mostly 1 to 5 dollar donations and had raised over $500.00. Two girls had gone to a high school football game together where they found $72.00. They turned the money in but after two weeks no one had claimed it so the money was split and given to them. Both of them were happy to add their $36.00 to the collection for Lark. One of the girls and her little sister entered a pumpkin carving contest, they both won $5.00 which they insisted be given for Lark. These wonderful dedicated selfless girls dug deep and reached outside of their comfort zones which helped them to more than double their initial goal of $1000.00!
They presented RODS racing with a check for $2105.00!

How incredible and inspiring! A team of twelve 10 and 11 year old girls raised over $2000.00 in one month to help a little girl they have never met! I love that you can see the look of joy and accomplishment on their faces in these pictures. These girls learned about so much more than soccer this season. I am sure this is a season they will never forget! When they come together again next season Lark will be home running around with her family!
Thank you team Shazam for helping bring Lark one step closer to home!
And a huge thank you to your awesome coaches, Dave and Alan!
What great role models you all are!
 Go Shazam!!

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