Sunday, September 29, 2013

2nd Annual RODS Race for Vaughn

We've had some incredible fundraising events over the last year and a half.  As I look back at all the different ideas I can easily pick out the RODS Fun Run as one of my all-time favorites.  That's why I was a little bummed when my career took me down a different path that didn't include me living in Meridian earlier this year. 
When I moved from Idaho to Utah I knew that the likelihood of being able to do another community race in Meridian probably was very slim.  With my new job, the move and everything else we had going on with RODS it just seemed like it was going to be too much for me to handle.  At least that was my mindset until later that summer went on I got a phone call from Angela Redding to talk about doing another race.
As many of you who may have followed this blog over the last 18 months have come to find out, Angela Redding is a RAINMAKER when it comes to events.  She was the brainchild behind the snow cones for Kona campaign.  She also organized the Tyler Stenson concert last year as well as was a major part of the first RODS Fun Run.  So when Angela called to talk about organizing another race despite the fact that I lived in another state I listened.  It only took a few minutes of conversation to convince me that this was a great idea. 
I knew from the onset that I wasn't going to be able to attend the event.  This was hard for me but I've also come to the realization over the last few months that the only way this organization is going to grow to it's fullest potential is if individuals like Angela are given opportunities to take the ball and run with it with or without me.  And run with it she did!
Similar to last year, Angela decided to do some "multi-tasking" for the race.  "In addition to saving orphans, why not help a young man out with his Eagle Scout Project", she said.  That young man's name is Jonny Holm.  He did a fantastic job in taking charge and organizing this race alongside Angela. 
In addition to Angela and Jonny's efforts, there were some incredible people in the community who stepped up and volunteered their time and talents as well.  Special thanks (in no particular order) to Docena Holm, Tracy Coltrin, Randy Stenson, Kerry Stenson, Shauna Jenks, Chelsea Rippy, Tiffany Erickson, Leah Stenson, Sheena Lindholm, Carrie Paternoster, Alexis Jorgenson, Lori Jorgenson, Kim Redding, Michael Nelson, Maria Hoagland, Becki Goodwin, Brian Preece, all the timers, Erin Larkin, Rachel Jessen and the activity day girls signs and especially to ALL OUR RACERS WHO CAME OUT FOR THE BIG DAY!!!  As well, I'd also like to send a special thanks to FRANZ, our special guest who once again was the life of the event!
I'd also like to thank all of those who sponsored the event.  If you have any chance to use any of their professional services, PLEASE DO SO!  These individuals are the reason why there was so much good that was accomplished during this race!
In the end, this event played a major part in RODS Racing reaching our ultimate goal of raising $15,000 for Vaughn, a young orphan in Columbia who has Down syndrome.  This money will go towards the adoption costs in bringing Vaughn home! 
One housekeeping item is the race shirts or better yet, lack there of.  We had over 60% percent of our participants sign up less than 8 days before the race.  We LOVE the participation but it put us in a bit of a pickle with race shirts that had been ordered.  The good news is we have a big order in for more shirts that will be done the week of October 10th.  As soon as we get the shirts we'll be in touch to get them to you.  Sorry for the delay!
RODS Racing has continued to grow in a way that nobody could imagine just a short 18 months ago.  My son Nash was the original inspiration for RODS.  However, that inspiration now comes from so many others as well.  It's individuals like Angela and all the other volunteers for the race that personally take on the call to action to do something outside of their comfort zone with the intention to simply do good in the world that make RODS Racing what it is today.  It's because of these selfless acts that a young boy has a chance at life now. 
For that I want to say one last THANK YOU to each of you for being who you are and doing what you do for Orphans with Down Syndrome.  Here's a few pictures from the days events.  You can see all of the race pictures at HISSHEENA.SMUGMUG.COM  Huge thanks to Sheena Lindholm for volunteering her professional photography services for the event!
Keep training and keep up the great work! 



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