Saturday, March 16, 2013

When One Door Closes, Another Opens...

One of our very first RODS Orphans was Megan.  We have had her on our mind and our prayers for quite some time now.  Things started slow with Megan.  Our first glimmer of hope was an updated picture and a health update stating that she was doing well.  Then an even better picture came in about a month later.  She looked so beautiful!  Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months as we waited for the news that a family had chosen Megan to adopt.

Finally after several months my Facebook page lit up with notifications from friends telling me that Megan had a family!  I jumped on this family's blog and saw that it appeared to be a perfect home for our little princess.  This was right before the challenges arose in Russia. 

At first, there was hope that this was a temporary issue and that adoptions would return to normal quickly.  The original bad news turned worse as political strife continued as politicians dug their hills in even deeper on the adoption ban.  Finally, after trying to wait it out, adoption agencies started pulling out of Russia and the dozens of families in the process of adopting sadly had to back out as well.  It was hard to hear this knowing that Megan had nearly a full adoption grant for almost a year before a family came forward to adopt her.  The thoughts of "what if she would have had a family commit earlier" came to mind.  I dismissed these thoughts because I have better over the years.  I've learned that there is a bigger plan that many times we don't completely understand and that everything happens for a reason. 

I also learned that Megan is in good hands right now.  Here is a part of an email that I received from the family that was in the process of adopting Megan. 

We did receive some peace in releasing her, and I wanted to share that comfort with you now. Through the adoption agency we found out she is NOT in an institution but a very nice boarding school with kids her age. She is completely healthy with none of the health issues she had to begin with for they have all been treated. She is only with kids her age. AND she is one of the favorites. Not only is she receiving education, and health care but it seems she is also receiving love. It does not compare to the love of a family, but it is something.  We will continue to pray for her OFTEN.

We've all heard that when one door closes another door opens.  That is definitely the case here.  This wonderful family that had committed to adopting Megan did not let this set back knock them completely out of blessing the life of an individual.  Through prayer and much thought, their hearts were touched.  They have decided to move forward with the adoption of another child, a little girl named Andrea.

Here is a paragraph from the email they had just sent me talking about this:

I also wanted you to know your hard work on that grant is not going to sit idly but is going to rescue another child who is in imminent danger of being transferred to an institution. We are moving forward with our adoption by adopting Andrea. You can read about her on our blog (ANDREA'S BLOG) We would not have been able to do it without your hard work and we are still so very grateful! I know it was intended for Megan, but I hope you will understand that it is still saving a life.

What a blessing for Andrea.  I've seen her on the Reece's Rainbow site before.  Disappointed to learn about Megan, I feel so good to know that this has created an opportunity for Andrea to have a forever family.  This little girl I hope to meet someday soon when she gets home.  I feel the same way I did when a new child is born into our family.  The love for the other children is not diluted but our capacity to love at an even greater degree increases.  Andrea is a special little girl and I'm so happy to know that I played a small part in helping her.


Another Texas Family said...

Well said. Happy for sweet Andrea. On another note, you should watch the documentary called 'Stuck' (available online)--about international adoption.and kids getting 'stuck' in orphanages due to political reasons.

Brad4d-view said...

thank you so much for posting this! What a blessing you have been to our family and we've never met! We would be absolutely thrilled to introduce Andrea to you when she comes home. God bless you and rediculously adorable Elvis. Can't wait to hear about his forever family.

Jamie said...

Brady, did you know that "Andrea" and Eli were in the very same orphanage and were in fact best friends? The nanny's told me after Eli left that she went from room to room looking for him :( And now, she will only be living 2 hours from us, so we can reunite them again <3