Sunday, April 15, 2012

One Step Closer To Home UPDATES!!

I wanted to take a few moments and give some updates on some of the children we have been focusing on over the last few months.

Our favorite little boy Eli is doing great.  His family has completed their home study and are making great progress towards their adoption.  We received an awesome card in the mail from Eli's family thanking us for the things that have been done on Eli's behalf.  I'm especially excited because it looks like my work next year will take me to the same city where they live!  I can't wait to get to meet little Eli in person.  That really will be a special moment to know that we played a small part in Eli finding his forever family!

With so much great fundraising that took place in the beginning of 2012 I thought for sure Megan would have a family by now.  Last time I checked, she has the most funds in her adoption account by far.  Unfortunately there have been some challenges in the region where she lives currently and adoptions are at a stand still for the time being.  This has been challenging for everyone involved because time is of the essence with Megan.  She has already been transferred to an institution and each day that passes there is a day that could have been spent with her family and receiving the nurturing that she so desperately deserves and needs.  Our prayers continue for Megan.  I realize that many things are out of our control, but I am optimistic that in the end it will all work out as it should. 

There is some great progress taking place here.  Their home study is done and all of their paperwork has been submitted and is in the process of being translated so it can be sent to Victoria's country.  They expect to hear back sometime in early May.  We will be anxiously waiting to hear how everything goes.

By way of update from the company that I work for and our efforts towards helping with fundraising for the Bonner family.  Through March we have paid 358 life cases.  Everyone is focused on doing their part and I'm confident that come December 31st, we'll have hit our team goal for the Bonner family.

And last, but definitely not least, our little princess Maggie.  This has been very fun to educational working on behalf of Maggie.  As you may know, we are focusing primarily on fundraising through our RODS Racing team and through the races that we are doing.  Our goal is to get to $10,000 and we are currently at $6208.  I've been humbled by the generosity of so many for donating towards Maggie's account.  A special thanks to each of you!

Where Maggie has already been transferred to an institution, the information available is very limited.  From the last update, she is still available for adoption and is still as beautiful as ever.  As is the situation with many of the orphans, we will rely solely on our faith and prayer to hopefully make this happen for Maggie.  Please remember these children by name!

I expect that our website will be launched later this week,  It's looking great by the way!  Our focus will be to continue to utilize the triathlon, cycling and running community to spread the word and raise funding for these children.  Our aspirations include organizing races as well as designing racing jersey's that individuals will be proud to wear during their races.  Stay tuned this week for some exciting news about a project Nash and I have been working on and the goal to race in the Ironman World Championship in Kona this year!  

Total orphans with a family committed          1
Total orphans with funding raised                 4
Total Donations Raised since Nov 2011        $50,225

Have a great week!!!


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